Welcome to RADzle Consulting. We appreciate the time you’re spending on our site so we’ll be brief.

We’re here to deliver value, optimize your business processes, synergize your synergies, blah, blah, blah. You know, all the buzz-words that you’re tired of hearing.

Actually, we’re just here to save you money. We build solutions quickly and inexpensively so that you can get the technology out of the way of your business and focus on serving your customers.

RADzle is a play on the three words in the RAD acronym: Rapid, Application and Development. RAD is the core of everything we do.

Rapid – If it isn’t fast, what’s the point? By the time many solutions are delivered, the opportunity has passed or a large amount of opportunity and value has been lost. The proverbial “Time is Money”. We focus on having the tools and products available for you as quickly as possible, and often, faster than you would think would be possible.

Application – It has to be useful, you need to be able to apply the solution to a real need. If it doesn’t fill the need, then you don’t need it. Being able to apply the solutions to the need at hand is the core of a useful app.

Development – The creation of something new that gives you the competitive advantage necessary to succeed. The synthesis of existing tools with unique programming constructs that together form something new and powerful.

Our main business is the delivery of collaboration solutions that focus on the convenient recording and dissemination of data within an organization and the workflows associated with that information. We specialize in IBM’s Domino and Google’s Cloud technologies, both of which provide the enormous flexibility to deliver the solutions you need.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation regarding your needs and how we may be able to help you.

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